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  1. questioncPanel - Server Name
    Please note that this guide is for cPanel accounts. See where your account is hosted here. If you are on Site Manager, use the tool at http://netstatus.westhost.com/ In order to locate your server name in cPanel, follow the steps below: Login to your cPanel. Click on expand stats on the lowe ...
  2. questionAm I in CHI?
    CHI (client hosting interface) is our user-friendly control panel that allows you to view and manage all of your hosting services. You can manage your domains, upgrade your hosting plan, view your account details, or submit a support ticket. Not all of our accounts use CHI, but any new services ...
  3. questionCan WestHost move my account from Site Manager to cPanel?
    In some cases, yes. A migration by our Support team is dependent upon a review of your account. Please see our FAQ on Migrations here.
  4. questionAm I in Site Manager or cPanel hosting?
    Here is a simple table to help you decide: Your Account is in Site Manager if: Your Account is in cPanel if: If you signed up for your current WestHost hosting account prior to November 2009 If you signed up for your current WestHost hosting account after November 2009 To access your contro ...